Shopping Local in St Augustine for the Holidays

Best Shopping In St. Augustine I The Top Spots You Need To Visit!

Welcome to the enchanting world of St. Augustine, Florida, which boasts streets lined with local shops inviting exploration. In this special holiday series, we’re counting down the 12 Days of Shopping Local, showcasing the best small businesses the city has to offer. In this second part of our series, we dive into Days 7 through 12, uncovering unique treasures and unforgettable experiences.

12 Days of Local Shopping Adventure in St. Augustine

Day 7: Rochelles

RochellesOn the seventh day, dive into the amazing world of fashion at Rochelles! This cool store has super stylish clothes and accessories. It’s like a treasure chest for people who love wearing trendy stuff.



Day 8: Get Lit Boutique

Get Lit BoutiqueLight up Your Style at Get Lit Boutique! A super cool place for people who love candles, clothes, earrings, books and more. They have lots of unique gift ideas. You will plenty of options for your gal pals here.

Get Lit Boutique


Day 9: The Surf Stop

The Surf StopCatch the Wave at The Surf Stop! On the ninth day, feel the beach vibes in this awesome shop. Whether you’re a big-time surfer or just love the coastal life,  this shop has everything you would want. From cool surfboards to cool t-shirts and bags.

The Surf Stop


Day 10: Ms. Elizabeth

Ms. ElizabethSparkle at Ms. Elizabeth! On the tenth day, check out this fancy shop where timeless elegance meets local style. They have really cool jewelry and accessories, unique clothes and even things for your pet. Find something awesome to wear or get a super special gift for someone you love!

Ms. Elizabeth


Day 11: Now & Zen

Now & ZenChill Out at Now & Zen! On the eleventh day, get yourself a yoga package, some yoga gear or a gift certificate for a friend.  Dive into the world of wellness and get the perfect gift to make yourself and a love one feel awesome!

Now & Zen


Day 12: Jenna Alexander Studio

Explore Art at Jenna Alexander Studio! On the twelfth day, a gorgeous studio where you will find prints, one of a kind pieces, candles, puzzles and more. Check it out and grab something special to remember the artsy spirit of St. Augustine!

Jenna Alexander Studio



St. Augustine’s local shops are a treasure trove of unique finds, each offering a distinct experience. As you embark on this 12-day local shopping adventure, let the charm of Rochelles, Get Lit Boutique, The Surf Stop, Ms. Elizabeth, Now & Zen, and Jenna Alexander Studio guide you through a delightful journey of discovery. Embrace the spirit of the holidays and support the vibrant community of St. Augustine by choosing local for your shopping escapades.

Happy Shopping!
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