Christmas Shopping in St. Augustine Florida

12 Days of Local Holiday Shopping in St. Augustine 2023

It’s the season to walk around the lovely streets of St. Augustine, Florida, where holiday shopping turns into a fun adventure. Forget the busy big stores and check out the cool local shops. Join us on a fun trip through the old city as we show you the first six awesome places in our “12 Days of Shopping Local in St. Augustine 2023.” Find special gifts for your loved ones and help the lively community that makes St. Augustine a great holiday spot.


12 Days of Christmas Shopping Local in St. Augustine

Day 1: Declaration & Co

Declaration & CoLet’s start our awesome shopping adventure at Declaration & Co! It’s a cool store in St. Augustine with super special things that really show off the city’s spirit. They’ve got everything from decorations that remind you of the local area to handmade accessories and clothing to candles. It’s like a treasure chest of unique gifts for you to discover!


Day 2: Spinster Abbotts

Spinster AbbottsNow, on day two, let’s check out Spinster Abbotts! It’s like a magical place for people who love special and interesting things. They have a carefully selected collection of cool things to decorate your home, trendy accessories, puzzles, local jams and so much more.  So, if you’re looking for gifts that are really different, this is the perfect place to be!


Day 3: A Coastal Home

Coastal HomeOn day three, let’s visit A Coastal Home! It’s like stepping into the coastal magic of St. Augustine. They have awesome things to decorate your home that are inspired by the sea. Imagine cool decor with a nautical theme and furniture that reminds you of the beach. If you love bringing the ocean vibes into your home, this store is the perfect place for you!


The Local Refillery

Day 4: The Local Refillery

On day four, go green with The Local Refillery, a haven for eco-conscious shoppers. Choose from a variety of sustainable and locally sourced products, spices, coffee, soaps and more. Making your gifts not only thoughtful but also environmentally friendly.


Day 5: Olde Towne Toys

Olde Towne ToysDay five is dedicated to the young and young-at-heart with a visit to Olde Towne Toys. Explore a whimsical assortment of toys, games, and educational delights that will spark joy in the hearts of children and bring back nostalgic memories for adults. It’s the perfect stop for finding delightful gifts that inspire imagination.


Day 6: Adventure Pet

Adventure PetFurry friends deserve some holiday cheer too! On day six, head over to Adventure Pet, where a plethora of pet-friendly goodies awaits. From toys to treats and stylish accessories, this store has everything you need to pamper your pets during the festive season.




Dive into the festive spirit in St Augustine. The joyous atmosphere and merry decorations will add a touch of magic to your shopping experience. Embrace the spirit of giving with unique finds that capture the essence of the holidays.

Stay tuned for the next six days of our “12 Days of Shopping Local in St. Augustine 2023” as we continue to unravel the city’s local treasures and make this holiday season unforgettable!

Happy shopping!

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