What is the most common question asked by homebuyers moving to Florida? 

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Living in St Augustine

So what is the most commonly asked question I get about living in St Augustine? Well it’s not weather, hurricanes, schools or jobs…It’s alligators. Yep! People want to know if alligators are going to be hanging in their yard, trying to get into their houses, or attack them. 

It’s kind of funny but I get it. When I lived in New Hampshire I wondered if a bear would be on my porch when I wake up in the morning. The truth is wildlife is everywhere it just changes depending on where you live. So YES there are alligators here but the odds of one ending up in your yard are slim.

I’m not going to say you won’t see them because I certainly have but not often enough to have me moving out of the state. So when or where have I seen them? Mostly when sunning themselves next to a pond or river but I have spotted one swimming in a marina off of the Tolomato river once and it shocked me to know that they swim in salt water because I didn’t know that they did…but yes they do. Even knowing this, I’m still more scared of sharks than alligators.

In any case, if you see an alligator just like if you see a bear up north, don’t go near it. Just leave it alone, they aren’t going to bother you if you don’t bother them. If it ends up on your front porch for some reason because I am not going to say that never happened because I’m sure it has, just call animal control .

If you do want to see some alligators, then head over the Alligator farm on Anastasia Island. You can even zip line over the alligator park, (yeah no thank you). Actually, it’s a beautiful park to walk around and not only view the gators but the coastal birds as well.

I think a walk in the park may even help to ease your mind about living in a state with gators. 

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