What are 5 things you will love in St Augustine, well I’m going to tell you so let’s get to it.

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We all enjoy things in our everyday life but if you enjoy following 5 things, you will love St Augustine Florida

What to do in St Augustine

#1 Shopping Local

When so many places are being taken over by food chains and big box stores. St Augustine holds true to its small town vibe and promotes the wonderful small businesses that run not only in the historic district but also on the island, south and north of town too. It is so easy to shop local and support small businesses in the St Augustine area. You will find a strong community of artisans and entrepreneurs here, and while the tourists certainly contribute to the local economy, the residents are just as likely to shop at the many boutiques, art galleries, cafes, breweries, and everything in between.

A great start to discovering all the amazing small businesses in St. Augustine is to check out the Saturday farmers market at the Amp.

#2 Fishing

People love fishing here, now I don’t fish but I enjoy eating it. This one people are really passionate about and what I’m about to tell you is straight from an Avid fisherman’s mouth so listen up people who love to fish…They say the fishing is so good here because there are so many different ways to fish.  If you don’t have a boat that’s ok you can surf cast on the beach or drop a line from one of the many piers or bridges along the Intracoastal waterway.  If you have a small boat or a kayak you can explore the hundreds of miles of creeks and rivers that offer up Trout, Flounder, Whiting, Black Drum and the most popular fish, the Red Drum.  

Small boats can also venture out to some of the reefs near the shore and target varieties including Grouper and Snapper.  But that’s not it, the more adventurous can run out to the ledge and target larger fish like Mahi, Wahoo, Billfish and Tuna.  If you’ve never fished here then you should charter a boat and a guide when you get here to learn the tricks before you venture out on your own.  The fishing varies from season to season but it doesn’t matter because you can catch a yummy dinner here 365 days a year!  

If you want to learn more about fishing in the are than check out The Fishing Fool on YouTube. I’ve provided a link below; 

#3  Outdoor Adventures

With miles of beaches, waterways, and trails it is easy to get outside in St Augustine. There are dozens of county, state and national parks within the area to explore and immerse yourself in the lush environment of north east Florida. Love a good walk in the woods? Check out the many trails of the GTM Reserve! Do you love gardens and flowers? Well then you will adore the diverse gardens at Washington Oaks State Park. Enjoy sports like basket ball or tennis?  There are plenty of parks offering courts, fields and plenty of ways to play just in St. Johns’ County. 

And of course, you can live the dream of eternal vacation, spending every day on the soft white sands of the beach or paddling along the ICW. And here in the Sunshine State you can spend all year enjoying the outdoors.

#4 Pets

St. Augustine is VERY pet friendly. You won’t go a block downtown or step on the beach without meeting a new furry friend. Most restaurants and businesses are happy to welcome you with your dog, and there are amazing boarding and daycare facilities for those times you can’t take Fido with you. Many of the parks around the county also feature Dog Park areas, and dogs are allowed on all the beaches – leashed, of course! Even if you don’t have your own, you will no doubt discover the neighborhood pets and can even stop by two “Cat Cafes” for your dose of feline affection. This town is full of passionate pet owners and many people moving here do so just to provide a better life for their fur-babies!

#5 Wining & Dining

Calling all foodies! St. Augustine is thriving with amazing culinary options and innovative hospitality. You can find just about any cuisine and in any price range – from food truck tacos to fabulously plated filet mignon. The restaurant scene in St. Augustine prides itself on sourcing locally and a fresh generation of chefs have developed unique menus to embrace Southern staples with modern technique. 

For fans of libations, there is no shortage of supply! Check out the local vintages at San Sebastian Winery, explore new craft beers at Dog Rose or Ancient City Brewery, and toast with curated cocktails at The Ice Plant, Prohibition Kitchen, or Odd Birds.  As the locals will tell you, St. Augustine is really just “a small drinking town with a fishing problem”!

So if you are looking for a little piece of paradise on the coast of Florida, St. Augustine may be the right fit for you. No matter what your interests and hobbies and whether you like to adventure solo or with friends, there is something for everyone. This short list could be MUCH longer, but you can just visit to explore all the wonderful activities and lifestyles for yourself.

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