There are HUNDREDS of people moving to Florida a day and many come from very different parts of the country, so this can be a big change in climate, lifestyle and routine.

So how do we avoid the “Buyer’s Remorse or Regret”?…. Well that’s what we are talking about today, so let’s get to it.

Hi Everyone I’m Kim Devlin, Real Estate Agent in St Johns County Florida so if you are looking for info on what it’s like to live here or buy Real Estate in Northeast Florida then this is the channel for you. I’m getting calls everyday from people wanting to know what it’s like to live in this part of Florida but what’s right for me might not be right for them so what are the things you can do to not regret your move to the sunshine state.

#1 Visit – If you are wanting to move to Florida, you should first consider and visit the different areas of the state and what each has to offer. Check out regions like our historic St Augustine, trendy Miami, magical Orlando, the laid-back Panhandle, or upscale Sarasota.

Exploring these areas will show a big difference in the lifestyle, housing prices, and attitude of locals. After that initial visit, make sure you visit again and at different times of the year. In Northeast Florida it’s chillier in the winter so don’t assume it’s bikini weather in January. But the mild winters in south Florida are also matched by HOT HOT summers, so you want to be sure you can handle both extremes.

Also take note of the types of communities and amenities you are seeking out: different areas offer varying options like golf communities, no HOA neighborhoods, water-sport hubs, or genuine beach town vibes, so which one is the best fit for you?


#2  Take off your vacation goggles

Being on vacation is very different from living somewhere everyday, so you need to get out of the vacation routine and get into a daily life. You’re off to a great start on RESEARCHING if you are watching this video, and there are a lot of great resources online to learn about schools, job opportunities, and local features.

But the best thing you can do is get yourself here and explore the area: don’t just go to the tourist hotspots and spend all day on the beach, but try hitting the commuter roads during rush hour, figure out how long it would take to get to the grocery store or pharmacy, and check out community-focused groups and events. And of course make some friends with the locals: the folks who already live, work and raise their families in the area can give you the best insight on daily life.  And if you LOVE a certain spot because of the tourist attractions, just know that a lot of other people do too!

So let’s say you’ve researched, explored, and made the move to the Sunshine State…Now you’re here, but it doesn’t feel like home yet…. How do you avoid that feeling of regret?

#3 Don’t Cave in to Family Pressure

You may be excited about your change in scenery, but your extended family and friends will obviously miss you and give you a hard time about it. Feeling “homesick” and a little untethered is natural, but don’t give them the opportunity to say “I told you so” and make you doubt yourself. You know the reasons why you chose to move so go on some amazing adventures and have some fun experiences right away. Go paddle boarding, explore one of the gorgeous state parks, hit up the town for great food and drinks, and embrace the Floridian lifestyle. Family and friends will probably stop pressuring you when they visit in December and get to build sand castles instead of shoveling snow!

Either way expect there to be an adjustment period when you move somewhere new and if you have just moved to the St Augustine area watch this video right here for “Tips on Living Like a Local”. Maybe it’ll help with the transition.


#4 Meet like minded people

Community is essential to making a house feel like a home. So get out and meet like minded people and start creating a community for yourself.  There are a ton of opportunities like group excursions on the trails, community gardens, yoga sessions on the beach, and classic car clubs. Volunteering at a local animal shelter, fundraiser, or outreach organization can introduce you to other wonderful people and allow you to give back to your new community.  Not sure where to start? Always check out the local library! They are a hub of resources to connect you to any passion or curiosity you want to explore.

I hope these four tips will help make Florida feel more like home.

If you are thinking about moving to Florida and need some help finding your place to call home. Shoot me a text, email or click the link below to connect. I would love to help you get your roots planted so you can thrive!

[email protected] (904) 747-0183

Thanks for watching and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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