5 Things To Know If You Are Moving To St. Augustine

1. Homestead Exemption

The Homestead exemption is for all of Florida but if you are purchasing a primary residence in St. Johns County too, you will be able to apply for a “Homestead Exemption” on your annual property tax. This can save you a good chunk of change, and the Homestead Act also protects you and your family from some legal and financial threats too. If you haven’t applied yet or need information feel free to reach out and I’ll walk you thru it.

2. Hurricane Preparedness

The second thing you will need to deal with living in St. Augustine are hurricanes. Unfortunately, living in paradise does come at a cost, and that cost comes in our annual hurricane season. Now St. Augustine has been spared the past few years and historically we are not prone to get direct hits but a couple of seasons ago we did have two powerful storms come thru that left significant damage. So if you want to live close to the coast or an area that may be prone to flooding check with your homeowner’s insurance about coverage in case of a hurricane. The good news is St. Augustine is big, so you can live easily in a no flood zone area or an area that wouldn’t be badly affected if there was a hurricane.

3. Local animals (and the bugs!)

There is a lush and diverse ecosystem around St. Augustine, but the beauty also hosts some wildlife and pests that make people uncomfortable so get familiar with your neighborhoods wildlife, which can include wonderful animals such as deer, turtles, and birds, but also snakes and even alligators! You will also become very familiar with Florida bugs, there is no way around it and should expect to find ants, palmetto bugs, and spiders in and around your home but there is no need to panic because we have some great local pest companies you can call.


We are so lucky to have wonderful weather year round in St. Augustine. Summer gets a little humid but you know what so does DC and NY but at least in St. Augustine you have access to many beaches. Regardless of the time of year though, St Augustine averages 223 days of sunny skies so make it a habit to wear your sunscreen even on cloudy days.

“Moving from NY check out my video on Cost of Living”

Which brings us to number 5

5. St. Augustine is a Big Little Town

St. Augustine was known as a sleepy little beach town, exclusive to seasonal tourists and a tight-knit community of locals with long family histories in the area. It has  grown exponentially in the past decade, but there are still many small town tendencies you will find here… You’ll typically run into the same people often and if you don’t recognize them they are likely on vacation, there is only one movie theatre, no real shopping mall, and many friendly neighborhoods. If you are used to a fast paced urban environment, don’t worry, we do not lack a diversity of activities and culture, there is plenty to do here just expect to move at a slower pace. Which you should be doing anyway.

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