STA Nutrition…Where Community Meets Healthy Lifestyle

Tell me about STA Nutrition

STA Nutrition is a healthy bar setting where people can come hang out, sip and stay or grab and go. We offer products geared towards a healthy, active lifestyle, offering products from complete balanced meal replacement shakes to energizing teas, belly fat burners, and pre and post workouts. It’s a similar concept to a coffee shop or cafe but geared towards a healthy, active lifestyle.

What is the product brand you sell here?

Strictly supplements by Herbalife, which is the number one nutrition company in the world. The products are not only easy to make but easy to include in a busy lifestyle. We call it fast food for smart people. The shakes are a completely balanced meal replacement, and we have several flavors; many taste like ice cream.

We also offer consultations on weight management and achieving healthier eating habits. We offer free coaching on adding meal plans into the lifestyle, including snack options. We also provide an accountability system at the cafe, where you can weigh in and track your goals.

What inspired you to open this type of cafe?

Four years ago, I started my journey with Herbalife. I was eighteen years old and going into college. Most people are familiar with the college eating plan, and it doesn’t typically go well. I was a volleyball player in high school, and I never had issues with my weight. In college, I was feeling lethargic and taking 2 to 3-hour naps a day. I didn’t know what to do, so I joined a gym where I met a woman who introduced me to Herbalife. I tried the product for three days, and the first thing I noticed was my energy level changed dramatically.

That alone sold me on the product, so I started bringing my friends to a cafe, like STA Nutrition, that used to be in the Hobby Lobby Plaza. I loved the community and how supportive everyone was; they made you feel like you belonged and wanted you there. That’s when I became interested in the coaching side of the product. I realized I could not only help people lose weight but live a healthier lifestyle.

How much weight did you lose on Herbalife?

I was able to lose 7 inches off my waist, 11 percent body fat, and I gained 14 lbs of muscle, but the best part is my energy.

Where are you from, and what brought you to St. Augustine?

I’m from Minnesota, spent my childhood in Wyoming until moving to Singapore. It was a great time in my life; I was nine years old at the time, so I was very much aware of what was going on around me, and I value that experience because it molded me into the person that I am today. I moved to St. Augustine when I was twelve. My mom used to live here, and when we were moving back to the states, it was going to be either St. Augustine or California, and they chose St. Augustine.

How do you feel about all the changes in the area?

I love it! If you are from here the changes are an adjustment, but everything evolves, and I think it’s best to move with it. I knew I was going to stay in St. Augustine, and these changes allowed me the opportunity to provide something for the community with STA Nutrition.

What are your plans for the business?

My vision is for this space to be a fun and upbeat environment and to become a place where the community feels welcome and they can enjoy themselves.

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