So you’ve found your dream Florida home and made the move to St. Augustine! Now you’re probably wondering what to do and where to go next to get your family settled in? Well that’s what we are talking about today so let’s get to it.

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Now if you have just moved to the area there are things you will want to do once you get yourself settled.

First thing is head on down to the St Johns County complex on US-1 with a copy of your drivers license, car registration, and proof of residency (you can use your new deed to your home or settlement statement). You will want to go to the DMV first to register your car – and get your Florida license plates if you are coming from out of state. You’ll also want to update your ID with your new address. Don’t worry! I know most dread the DMV but somehow the DMV here is actually really fast… Like less than an hour which is AMAZING!

Also at the County offices you can stop by the Tax Collector to register to vote AND submit your application for your homestead exemption.

Just remember to qualify for homestead exemption, you must use your home as your primary residence (6+ months out of the year) and be an owner as of January 1, So, for instance, if you close in September 2021 you will not be allowed to claim homestead exemption until the new year, but you can go ahead and register!

The tax collectors office is also where you can apply for a fishing or hunting license, register your boat, and even apply for a concealed carry permit!

Utilities and Local Services

Depending on where your new home is, your utilities may be provided by St. Johns County, the City of St. Augustine, the City of St. Augustine Beach, or a third contracted company. If you had worked with me and my team on your transaction, we will be sure to send you the correct providers and contact information about a week before your closing!


Local residents can also sign up for some special perks in the area:

  • Get a discounted annual beach drive-on pass: I recommend stopping by the A Street on-ramp off of Beach Boulevard to get this pass and Remember- 4×4 vehicles only!
  • Another thing is to to get a ParkPass for major discounts on parking spaces downtown. This newer feature is an absolute must if you work or visit downtown often! You can purchase online at
  • If you enjoy reading then be sure to get your library card, you could stop by any of the local branches or register online for all library services including a great smart-phone app for taking your borrowed books on the go! You’ll find the link below
  • and lastly, your Florida State Parks Pass: on your first visit to Anastasia State Park you will immediately want to come back again, so stop by the ranger station for your pass that provides a steep discount for Florida residents and can be used statewide!

To Connect with your new neighbors!

St. Augustine is a small town with big personality, and there is something for everyone here! From garden clubs to animal rescues, paddleboards to tennis, and even classic cars, you are guaranteed to meet like-minded folks and never run out of things to do. Let me know what YOU are passionate about, and I will send you some great people and places to reach out to!

I know that moving to a new town can feel overwhelming, but St. Augustine is here to welcome you with open arms. Whatever you need to help you and your family settle in and start enjoying your best life, I am here to help. So feel free to reach out, you’ll find my contact info in the description.

To learn more about living like a local check out this next video.

I hope you found this info helpful, thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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