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I have been getting a lot of calls from people who are considering moving to St Augustine but have never been here, so if  you are someone considering moving to St Augustine or an area you’ve never visited. I’m going to tell you some things you should consider…so Lets get to it.

So you are thinking about moving to St John County FL, but have never been here before and are wondering Where you should live. Well, first things first, you have to come visit the area and explore to make sure it feels right for you. Once you know that it is use these tips to consider to narrow down your location.

Commuting to Work

Do you need to commute? Are you needing to commute daily or a few times a week, well if so how long are you willing to drive? What hours do you go to work? If it’s peak hours you may have a longer commute so would want to purchase closer to work. If you are commuting to Jacksonville, which is the biggest city nearby, then you may want to consider St. Johns, Ponte Vedra or other surrounding areas to Jax. Maybe you only commute a couple of times a week so you are willing to drive further. We can calculate your commute based on the time you are willing to commute and this will give us an area to search. Now if you work from home commuting doesn’t matter but the next 4 tips might 

St Augustine Schools

Schools, do you have schools aged kids? If so, you are moving to a great county with A+ rated schools but you may be looking for something specific in a school district, whether it be sports or programs so check out my free relocation guide provided in the link below so you can research some info on the schools within the county. Then let me know which schools you are interested in and I can customize the search for you.

Best Neighborhoods to live in St Augustine

HOA or no HOA? What type of neighborhood are you interested in? Do you want amenities, such as a pool, tennis courts or fitness center or are you not interested in an HOA and want to be able to paint your house any color you want and park an RV in your driveway? Maybe you are interested in an age restricted community or one that is gated. Well there are a lots of options in St Johns County so keep all of this in mind when starting your search. 

Medical Services in St Augustine

Access to medical – Do you need access to medical services on a regular basis. do you need a specialist.  Flagler Hospital is South in st Augustine, Mayo Clinic is in Jacksonville. Research both and see which you would want to be closer too. This will definitely be something you want to consider before settling on a location.

Things to do in St Augustine

Hobbies…This one is important.  People generally move to florida for the warm weather and the beach, but maybe you are not a beach person, maybe you like golf.  So what are the things you enjoy doing and how often do you do these things a week. Maybe golf every other day and want to have a few courses nearby or fishing is your thing so you want easy access to a boat ramp. This is important because we want to make sure you find the location that allows you to enjoy the things you love to do. Remember you can change a house but you can’t move it.

I hope you found these tips helpful but if you have any questions never hesitate to reach out my number is (904)747-0183 or email me at [email protected]

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Kim Devlin
Kim Devlin is Your St Augustine Realtor. A Relocation Specialist serving Northeast Florida, St Johns County and Flagler County. She enjoys sharing real estate tips and local insight on communities and living in St Augustine Florida. Tune in weekly and be sure to subscribe to her monthly newsletter.