If you are thinking about selling your home, you do not want to make these mistakes, stay tuned to hear why.

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Whether it is a seller’s market or not if you are selling your home you do not want to make these common mistakes because the last thing you want is to go under contract just to go back on the market.

#1 Pricing your home too high

If you price your home above any competing homes, you are just going to push buyers to view the other homes instead of yours. They will ask themselves why would I pay more if I don’t have to. Plus there is so much new construction around that many buyers will opt to get exactly what they want instead.

#2 Not fixing things

We all have a honey-do list. A list of things that you never got around to doing. If buyers walk through your house and see little problems everywhere, they are going to assume there are even bigger issues with the house so get on your to-do list and don’t give them a reason to write a low offer.

At the end of this video, I’ll tell you where to get instant access to my pre-inspection guide.

#3 Don’t take the first offer that comes along

It is a hot market here in St. Augustine and you will likely get an offer immediately but don’t just accept it, because it might not be the best one. Allow your home to be on the market for 3-5 days before you look at any offers this will allow everyone time to see the house and present their best offer to you.

#4 Don’t take the highest offer

Many buyers are overbidding for homes right now but think twice about just taking the highest offer. Look at all the terms. If you list your home for $350k and get an offer for $400k with an FHA loan. Your home will probably not appraise and the buyer is not going to pay the difference of $50k out of pocket. So you’ll need to renegotiate or put it back on the market. So instead of just accepting the highest, review all the offers and see which have the best terms giving you the best chance to make it to the closing table, and Lean on your realtor to help you understand the pros and cons of each offer.

#5 Choosing a brokerage that charges the least

There is an old saying “you get what you pay for”. If you hire one of those brokerages that just list your home on the MLS for 1%, this puts you in charge of everything, pictures, marketing, showings, and the logistics of the transaction. Don’t assume you can lean on the buyer’s agent to do it all for you unless you plan to pay them. Choose a Realtor that does it all, this will ensure your house gets seen, marketed, and sold with the least amount of frustration for you.

#6 Choosing an agent that doesn’t digitally market your home

These days postcards and newspaper ads do not sell houses, it’s junk mail, so make sure you get a tech-savvy agent, using video, virtual and social media to market your property. If they aren’t using it to market their business how can they possibly sell your home?

If you do not want to make these home selling mistakes, click the links below for instant access to a pre-inspection guide and staging tips.

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