Today we are hitting the beach and I’m going to tell you what beaches are my absolute favorite and why.

The first beach we are going to visit is the furthest north in the county and that is Micklers Landing in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Ponte Vedra Beaches

Micklers Landing Beach


This beach is the only true public access beach in North Ponte Vedra Beach and is a great place to do all that beach stuff such as; sit, read and go for a swim. they have free parking, showers, bathrooms and it’s dog friendly, which I love but it’s also a secret place to find fossilized and modern day shark teeth. So if you want a fun activity for the kids that’ll keep them busy for hours while you sit and read your book, this is a good spot.

The trick to finding shark teeth is to walk the shoreline right where the ocean recedes and look for the shiny black teeth glistening in the sun. It can take a while to find your first shark tooth but once you do, it becomes easier and easier to see them.


Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach

The second beach is in South Ponte Vedra Beach across from the GTM Reserve, where you can park for a small fee.

I love this beach because there are no homes here so it has a much more natural feel. This is a beach that doesn’t get too crowded so its’ a great place to bring the dog for some fetch, take in the sun or or watch the sunrise in peace but for me my favorite is to sit and read a book. There are no facilities at this beach but there is a port a potty in the parking lot in case of an emergency.

This beach is also a really good spot to hunt for shark teeth!

Vilano Beach FL

Vilano Beach/Porpoise Point

Next we head south to Vilano Beach more specifically Porpoise Point. You can either park at the Pavilion and walk around the jetty or drive on at the beach access through the Porpoise Point neighborhood. Remember the yearly permit is $50.00 but it is free in the winter months from Oct through February.

This beach is located where the St Augustine Inlet runs between Vilano Beach and Anastasia Island and wraps around to the Intracoastal. This is a great spot for just parking your 4×4 for a beach day, watching the boats sail in and out of the inlet, and a good spot for fishing too. The water is awesome for swimming here since it’s protected by the jetty but the main reason I love this beach is for those evening walks to watch the sunset.

It’s actually one of the best and rare places in the area to watch sunset from a beach and if you are lucky enough you will catch the Freedom Charter boat sailing by as the sun is setting…Lucky for you I caught it for you and it’s in the video link.

Anastasia State Park

Anastasia State Park

Now of course as we head south to St Augustine Beach, there are plenty of beaches to choose from. Anastasia State park is absolutely one of my favorites. It’s a great beach for walking or running. You can even walk all the way to the inlet, but it’s a very long walk so I recommend sneakers or a good walking sandal.  This beach is great for a family day. There’s an entry fee of $8 but there is plenty of parking, concessions and bathrooms. You’ll also find some trails here as well as a kayak launch area to the Salt Run.

If you are looking for a more active area,  the beach that runs from the pier down to A street is good option. This will give you easy access to restaurants and shops. You can drive on the beach starting at A Street all the way down to Crescent Beach so these beaches are great for a full day excursion with the family. 

Matanzas Inlet Beach

Matanzas Inlet

The last beach on my list is actually Matanzas inlet located south of Crescent Beach. I love this beach because the water is always beautiful and much like Porpoise Point, you not only have access to the ocean, but also the inside bay where it meets the intracoastal. This offers a larger calm area for swimming or paddling. This spot is also popular among boaters in the summer where you’ll find many boats anchored up to the shoreline. At low tide there are even more shoals to beach on and your dogs will love it. This is also an excellent spot to watch the sunset.

So tell me what is a perfect beach day for you? and if you’ve been to these beaches, which are your favorite?  

There are many beaching options in St Johns County so whether you are looking to spend the day with the family or an hour reading a book, beach access is easy to find in St Johns County and all the beaches offer a little something special depending on what you feel like doing.  I hope you learned something new here today and if you have any questions, reach out anytime using the link below.



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