Florida pros and cons

If you are considering a move to Florida, there are 5 Things you probably won’t like about it. So, if 5 things are going to be an issue, then think twice about moving here.


Florida is known as the Sunshine State.

We have beautiful beaches, lush semi-tropical forests, and the beautiful weather to enjoy the outdoors most of the year. I emphasize most because, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just too hot. Either way, Florida is definitely a favorite for vacationers and retiree’s but of course there are some downsides to moving to Florida. So today, we are going to take a look at 5 things you might NOT like about relocating here….


There are always pros and cons to where you live. Florida has a lot of positive things to offer but there are a few things that you probably won’t be so keen on…


When I work with people relocating here, there are always a few concerns, 1, snakes, 2, alligators and 3, bugs.


The first 2 have never been an issue for me, so let’s talk bugs. We have them and you aren’t going to like it. There are of course bugs in every corner of the Earth and you have dealt with them before, but Florida bugs are especially pesky.


Obviously, the mosquitoes love the hot and humid summers, and huge spaces of wetlands to grow in, which Florida has a lot of. If you are closer to the coast, you may get lucky with those salty breezes and be less tortured, but they will usually find you. Whoever invented that screened enclosure must have been a Floridian, because they are pretty important to have down here.


Another pesky bug you will learn to hate are the NoSeeUm, you may even hate them more. They are tiny translucent little buggers so you won’t see them but you will feel them. When you do get bitten by noseeums you will feel like you have the chicken pox. I do have a remedy for this but I can’t tell you over video, so call me if you need it and I’ll tell you what it is.


On top of that we also enjoy the company of the delightful Southern natives like the palmetto bugs, which is just a nice name for roaches by the way.  We also have black widow spiders, and the red fire ants. I’ve never stepped on a fire ant hill (luckily, someone please knock-on wood for me) but I have seen what happens when you do and it’s not pretty.


And let’s not forget our household pests like carpenter ants, mud wasps, and termites. So, if you are moving here be sure to have any potential home inspected for insects. I highly recommend you have routine treatments to keep your home safe.



Florida Storms

The 2nd thing you aren’t going to enjoy are the Storms.

Florida is one of those places that tends to deal with hurricanes. Rather than talk about the once-a-year potential big storm, you need to know about all the more common ones.

  1. Yes, Florida gets plenty of sunshine but we also get plenty of rain. Especially in the hot summer months, we will usually see a daily thunderstorm. These can come and go in less than an hour, but it is not uncommon for hours of rain and lightning too. And every once in a while, we will get a few straight days of rain, which not only dampen the spirit but can also cause some overflow of waterways and possible minor flooding in low lying areas.
  2. St. Augustine in particular has been making serious investments in alleviating the effects of both regular seasonal storms and hurricane-preparedness. If you can’t handle some drizzle this might not be the place for you.


The 3rd thing is Tourists, and Snow Birds.

  1. Like I said before, Florida is a popular vacation destination and a long-known haven for retirees. In fact, you may have only visited Florida so far on your own vacation and you no doubt understand the appeal of escaping here, especially in the winter. But if you are planning to make this your full-time home, you have to be prepared to go from the tourist to the local.
  2. Of course, in the summer there is always an increase in crowds at the beach. If you happen to live around some of the beach areas, you might also get bombarded around Spring Break. So be aware that the empty, pristine beach you visited that one time will likely be more crowded certain times of the year.
  3. Since we have so many visitors and residents that originally come from out of state, it can be a real mixing pot on the roads. Someone is always going to be driving too slow downtown, too fast on the highway, or blissfully in their own little world behind the wheel. Patience, alertness, and a cool and calm attitude are required while driving in Florida… But then again, why be in a hurry?!


The 4th thing, and this one is real my friends…the “Florida Man” Effect.

  1. We’ve all seen the jokes and memes. The most unbelievable, ridiculous headline or crime story…tagged with “Florida Man”. This outside image of the local population is not helped when some guy walks his pet alligator on a leash around a Walmart.
  2. Hopefully you will not deal with – or cause – any crazy headlines yourself, but the “wild west” perspective that the rest of the country has about Florida is going to be a topic of conversation at some point. Most likely you will hear from family and friends back home about the absurdity of the whole state and you moving there. Then again you can just snap a picture on the beach to send to them while they are shoveling 3 feet of snow!


Summer months in Florida

The 5th thing is the summer temperatures.

I know that it’s no surprise that Florida is hot in the summer. For some reason every year the same people complain about how hot it is.  Yes of course it is hot, it’s Florida. I for one have no issue with it. I would take being hot over being cold any day, but everyone is different. Just be prepared for about 4 hot summer months from July through Sept. If you are someone who loves winter more than summer than Florida may not work for you. We definitely do not have winter. There is no snow, no skiing, no white capped mountain ranges, but I think you know this already.

Most of you reading this are probably tired of the winter which is why you are interested in Florida. I get it. The day I didn’t have to shovel snow anymore or winterize my boat were good days in my life.


Well, there you have it: the 5 things you might NOT like about Florida. What do you think? Pretty rough stuff, eh?  But remember some great things are worth a few bugs.


If you are looking to relocate to Florida, send your questions my way. I’m always happy to help. Check out my relocation guide.


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