Do you want to learn how to sell your house on your own? Well I am going to give you some tips.

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Today I’m giving homeowners tips on how to sell their homes themselves and

Yes I’m a real estate agent so you may be wondering why I am doing this, well it’s because sometimes a homeowner just wants to try to sell  a for sale by owner first and I understand that. 

How to Sell Your House by Owner

Here are the steps to selling you house yourself as a FSBO or For Sale by owner

Pricing Your Home

Coming up with the list price is the most challenging thing for homeowners. You need to figure out what the current market value is for your home. So let’s say a guy down the street sold his house for $300,ooo last year, well what has changed in the last year because the market here in St. Augustine has changed quite a bit. For example, from a year ago prices are up about 10% because inventory is low. You also need to consider what updates you’ve done vs the comparable sales and visa versa. If your house isn’t updated and a neighbors house that sold has been then you need to figure out how much value to add or deduct for that.

Professional Photography

You need to make sure your house looks good online. I use a professional photographer so you may want to do the same. Cell phone photos don’t cut it and do not look good on all the online platforms buyers use to search for homes.

Video and Virtual Tours

Buyers like video and virtual tours. They want to walk through and see the floorpan of the home. I get a lot of buyers from out of state and these virtual tours are very important because there are many instances where they are buying without being here to see the house in person. Remember…Buyers do all their research online.

 Sellers Disclosure

Disclose!!! As a member of the National Association of Realtors we have forms we use that our sellers fill out to disclose everything  about the house. Such as: How old is the roof? What type fo plumbing systems? Did your home ever flood? It’s all the things you know about the house that you will want to disclose upfront to potential buyers. Because if you fail to disclose any material defects about the house, it can come back and bite you in the you know what. 

Marketing Your Home

How are you going to market your home for sale? There are plenty of things you can do…You can put it on Zillow, run facebook ads and other social media advertisements. You can mail post cards within a one mile radius. You have to do something because this is 2021 so a sign in the yard doesn’t just really do it. 

What’s the Downside to selling your home on your own?

Now there are of course  downsides to selling your home on your own so let me tell you what those are. The majority of the buyers you will hear from are investors that will offer you pennies on the dollar. They are looking for a great deal to either flip or use as a rental. You will also have buyers that do not have good credit and are not pre-approved so they may seek owner financing or ask to do a lease with an option to buy. The problem is you likely need to sell your home to buy your next one.

Lastly you have to be available for showings. You won’t be able to just put a lockbox on the door and let people gain access, so you’ll need to coordinate viewings. Since you may be at work when buyers want to see the home or they may be when you are available to show it, this can become difficult. 

So now  that I have given you some tips on how to sell your home you may need help getting it ready so check out my next video for your 3 must do staging tips. 

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If you decide selling on your own is not worth it, let’s have a chat about it and see how I can help. Reach out anytime (904) 747-0183 or [email protected]

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