The holidays are coming and it’s a wonderful time of year to enjoy the festivities with friends and family but should I sell your house now? Well that’s what we are talking about today so let’s get to it.

Hi Home Sellers,  it’s the holiday season and you want to sell your home and are wondering “is it a good time?”. People are busy with plans to visit family and friends, they are spending money on turkeys and gifts, so are they really looking for a home this time of year.? Well actually there are always buyers looking for homes but during the holidays you’ll want to be creative so I’m giving you 7 tips on ways you can sell your home during the holidays.

Home Seller Tips

#1 Virtual Tours

Since holidays are a busy time of the year, creating a video tour around your house would make it easier for buyers to see all the features it offers because photos don’t show much as videos do. A 3D virtual tour a video walk through is the best and if you can create a floor pan to share that would be helpful too.


#2 Host a Holiday Open House

If an in-person open house isn’t possible, why not try a virtual open house? Advertise the time and date, go live on Facebook or YouTube, and give buyers a virtual walk through. They can ask you questions in real time so it’s a great tool!


#3 Offer incentives

Even serious buyers are trying to maintain their budget, so they still have enough to celebrate the season. But you don’t have to do that by dropping your price. What about offering incentives like a home warranty, a closing cost credit, or throw in a year of the HOA fees.


#4 Offer some helpful personal items

It helps when you include necessities such as lawn equipment equipment, the refrigerator in the garage and of course the washer and dryer, this can really help.


#5 Create Urgency

If you are offering incentives or including furniture, the lawnmower, and other items to entice buyers, consider making those offers expire. Just like a sale at your favorite store doesn’t last forever, neither do your promotions.


#6 Stage your home in a simple way adding very little Christmas decor

You can stage your house according to the holiday vibes but you will want to keep it simple. Remember not to let your decor hide the main selling features of the house and for other staging tips check out this video right here.

Use these staging techniques to help your holiday decorations sell your home.

Staging House on Holidays


and lastly

#7 Always be available

Patience is a real virtue when selling your house during the holidays. Home buyers are busy with other things so if a buyer happens to come across your house online and asks about it, you should be readily available. Holiday house hunters are serious buyers. If you don’t like to answer your phone. Have a Realtor that does.


Well I hope you found this info helpful. If you have any questions, click the link below to schedule a call or contact me directly. I’m always happy to help!


Check out this next video for staging tips and the link below for my free staging guide.


Thank you so much for tuning in and I will catch you on the next one.


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